Sangeetham 2017 Participant Instructions

Instructions for day of event

    Report to the venue no later than 1 hr before your scheduled time and register at the front desk without fail.
  • You will be called up to the stage by the MC in batches of 3 - one will be the performer, second will be sitting on stage waiting his/her turn and the third will be waiting in the wings to take his/her place on stage as soon as one performance concludes. This is the only way to stick to time and we sincerely would appreciate your cooperation with this flow.
  • Ensure that we have accurate contact information for you.
  • Those requesting mridangam accompaniment MUST email us their shruti in next 24 hours.
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE HALL within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. We are unable to send volunteers looking for people.
  • Please stay on after your performance and encourage others .
  • There is no scheduled Lunch break.

Sangeetham 2017 Participant FAQs

Sangeetham Solo/Group FAQ

Is there a selection process for the mini concerts?
Yes. The duration will be decided by our selection committee.
How much time is allocated for individual participant?
This will be based on the number of entries we receive. We request everyone to strictly adhere to the time limit.
Are accompanists guaranteed for all participants?
NO- we will provide accompanists only for those rendering mini concerts.
Is there a fee to participate?
We are asking for a nominal donation of 20$ per participant to cover our overhead costs, auditorium rental, audio technician etc. Season pass holders do not have to pay a registration fee.
Can I participate in a group, if I am not part of a school?
Yes, in fact we encourage you to team up with others are feasible to render compositions of your choice.
How many in each group? How are the groups defined?
There is no limit for the number of participants in a group- we leave it to the discretion of the teachers to decide the appropriate number of participants in a group. Our recommendation is to restrict the group size to 10 people.
Are there a certain number of students per category?
No, we will try our best accommodate as many as possible within the given time frame.

Sangeetham Carnatic Choir FAQs

What is the age limit for the Choir?
There is none but we will select participants based on their ability to handle the compositions.
What is the duration of the Choir?
We expect this event to last about 90 minutes.
How many songs will be taught?
This has not been finalized but will include songs for every ability.
How many practice sessions will be held?
Once the participants are selected, we will schedule weekly practice sessions and ramp up the sessions as we get closer to the final date.
Who will decide the group participants?
We are working with music teachers in the area to identify the appropriate participants from each school. However, individuals are most welcome to apply.
When will be participants be notified?
The participants will be notified by February 29th, 2017.
What are the criteria for selection?
Students must be able to sing with proper Shruti and Talam alignment. There will be compositions suitable for basic to advanced level students. Ability to do Manodharma is preferred but not required.